Employment openings can be posted by MassHire Berkshire Career Center staff on the Massachusetts One-Stop Employment System and Job Quest, making them accessible to thousands of job seekers. Please allow 2 business days for the completion of your order. A confirmation will be sent to you with a link for you to review your order. Your position will be posted for 30 days but may be shortened or extended as needed. To speak directly with a Business Services Representative, please call 413-499-2220, ext. 124.

To help you fill positions at your company, you will need to complete this Job Listing Request Form below.

Things to know before posting your job:

  • You will need your federal employer identification number (FEIN)
  • Incomplete information may delay the posting of your job.
  • Comprehensive job descriptions are highly encouraged (We offer job description assistance if interested)
  • Must be W2 (taxed) positions, 1099 independent contractor opportunities are not permitted
  • Businesses based outside of Massachusetts must meet ONE of the following criteria to post jobs:
    • Position is fully remote
    • Worksite is located in MA

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Company Information

Please list the main address for the company. If the job location will be different than the main address, we will capture that further down.

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Note: Rotating shifts are defined as the employee in the listed position rotating on a daily or weekly basis between first, second, and third shifts.
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